COVID-19 Policy
In adherence to prescribed public health safety guidelines by the Ministry of Health in
Ghana, you will need to have vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test result in order to attend Wildaland Festival 2022.

Do I need to a vaccination card or negative test result before entry?

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19:
1. Wear a mask at all times to protect yourself and others
2. Wash your hands often, either with soap and water or a
hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol
3. Avoid close contact with people who are sick or look unwell
4. Cover your nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough
and dispose off all materials used immediately
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables
6. Stay hydrated
7. Monitor your health regularly

• Water bottle
• Mobile phone charger
• Power banks
• Sunglasses and sunscreen*
• Towels
• Pouches, fanny packs, mini tote bags or any bag that can contain your accessories

To ensure our safety, we will station security points across the festival site. If you see or hear any suspicious activity, reach out to any of our personnel and report without hesitation

Will I get accommodation at Wildaland Festival?
Yes. Wildaland Festival provides various accommodation packages on
site. See packages here
What are the accommodation packages?
See here
Can I book a hotel with Wildaland Festival?
No. Wildaland Festival has no arrangements with any hotels or partners.
You may book any hotel or guest house at your wil

Where can I get tickets?
You can purchase all general admission and VIP tickets here
Will I get tickets to buy at the gate?
Unfortunately, not. All tickets will have to be purchased here
Can I get a refund?
If Wildaland Festival 2022 is not cancelled or rescheduled, we cannot offer a refund to you.
All tickets purchased through the Hapniin by V-Access platform are non-transferable and non-refundable. More information can be viewed online in the Terms Of Use & Sale that you agreed to when purchasing the ticket.
In the event that the festival is cancelled or postponed, we will inform you of refund
arrangements for the festival. If the festival was moved or rescheduled, the Event Producer may set refund limitations.

Wildaland Festival will last for a period of two (3) days. The festival is scheduled for 24th and 26th December, 2022 at The Shai Forest Reserve. Festival itinerary and all other key information will be communicated via our social media platforms.